Start Your Own Highly Profitable Wedding Hall Business

Starting your own Wedding hall in Pakistan is very profitable business as there is very little open spaces and grounds or big houses where people can invite guests at wedding.

According to Estimates, Pakistan's Population Growth rate is very high as compare to other Countries. Current Population is Estimated at 21 Crore and in Next 10 Years, It is estimated to be 30 Crore.

The Best option for having a great wedding day in Pakistan is Wedding Marquees, Where guest have huge space to enjoy in comfortable environment. It's very cost effective as compare to old wedding halls buildings and installation time is short.

Location of Wedding Marquee

Wedding Marquee business location should be away from main city center as you need a huge space (at least 4-10 kanal). So You should look for land which is affordable and have easy access.

Steel Structure or Aluminum Structure Marquee:

There are two options of marquee available if you want to setup your wedding hall in Pakistan:

1- Either you import a aluminum marquee from china which can be installed in just one day and it can be moved if required. Although It's very Expensive Solution but If are installing marquee on rented land, this is the way to go.

2: You fabricate your marquee with steel which is installed permanently. There are Several Options in steel structure. You Need to understand the Quality standards of steel to get a better quote. Do Some Homework, It will be Fun.

Marquee Size and Area Required

Secondly You should know the size for your marquee. Average Number of guest at Baraat or Walima event is 300-400 Guests but it can be as high as 1000 or as low as 200. So You should go for 600-700 number of guest space plus open space for 300 guests.

So for 600-700 number of guests, We need a marquee which is at least 60ftx200ft, The standard formula that we use to calculate the size of marquee is 20sqft per person, So if you planning to install a marquee of 1000 guests, you need at least 20000 ft covered area.

Just to give you an idea, For 500 number of guest capacity marquee, we need 3 kanal of land for marquee plus 1 kanal for parking, kitchen and other facilities.

Price Estimate of Marquee

Steel Structure marquee is much cheaper then imported aluminum structure marquee and steel structure is ideal if you have your own land. In case, if you are installing on a rented land, you should go for aluminum structure which cost you double the cost of steel structure marquee.

The average price for steel structure is 280-350  350-450 Rs per square feet depending on steel gauge, your location and size of your project. I can help you in providing the accurate quotation once you tell me your location, Available Land Size and your budget. Please fill out this form and we'll call you back.

60x170ft Marquee imported from China will cost you 70-80 lac Rupees. I can help you if you need a quote from china or if you need someone who can handle all the documentation for you. Please fill out this form and we'll call you back.

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