How Digital Marketing can Grow your Business in Pakistan

If you are managing a business and always looking for way to increase your sales, You should focus on Digital Marketing.

I mean if you are selling services or products, or you are doing any business online where you need new customers, You can get what you want with Digital Marketing.

And the most interesting thing is you can measure and see what works and what dont.

Enough of the Basics.

Lets Talk about Real Stuff.

I am talking about Power of Google ads and Facebook Ads.

You can Place an idea to your target audience and grow your business.

Yes, You can Plant an idea with Digital marketing, and Yes, you can create Inception.

How to Create Inception and Increase Brand Loyalty with Digital Marketing?

I Strongly believe in Remarketing and Retargeting. If these terms are new to you, This article is for you.

Have you Experienced that sometimes you visit a website and you continue to see the ads of that product on your screen, on Facebook, On Mobile apps and on your laptop? That’s the power of Digital Marketing.

You can reach your site visitor on several Platform.

You can pitch your product to your site visitors several time.

You can create an idea in your potential customer mind.

You can Create Inception with Digital marketing.

If you are managing your Digital marketing ads yourself, You need to learn more about Remarketing tag in Google ads and Facebook Pixel in Facebook Ads.

If you are not using them properly, You are wasting your money.

Because Engaged user give higher click through rate and Conversion.

Where to Start with Digital Marketing?

Start with Your Website. 

You website Should Be Responsive, That Means it should display just right on Mobile, desktop and Tablet.

It Should have Fast Loading Speed. Just Use Good hosting and small Size images.

It Should have Call to Action on all pages so you Direct user to take Action.

It Should Be Search Engine Friendly and Most Importantly human Friendly.

It Should have a Great Design, a Color Scheme according to your brand.

Facebook Page and Facebook Ads

Facebook Pages are awesome.

Facebook ads are More Awesome.

Have you Tied them Yet? Did you Got low Response?

That’s Because you were not targeting your product to the Right Audience.

Or May be your ads was boring.

Managing your Own Facebook Page Takes a lot of time. Creating Content align to your brand and publishing it with right Description and Tags.

Starting Facebook Ads campaign is Simple. Just a click of Button.

Getting Results is Tough.

You have to Know your Audience and target them with Right ads.

I have managed and seen many business who totally depend on Facebook Page. They Don’t even have a website but they generate good sales.

Because they Know what they are doing and they know there target audience.

They Create awesome ads.

Google Ads Campaign

Google is Kind of Digital ads.

They offer a great platform to get the most targeted and engaged visitor who are searching for your products.

All you have to do it bid for Right keywords with Right ads.

Sounds Simple?

Yes, It’s Simple if you are managing Google Ads for last couple of years or more.

But It’s take time to learn all by your self.

I am the strong believer of Do it Yourself.

You can Learn everything and Do it yourself.

Only If you are more then 24 Hours in a Day.

Unfortunately, Everyone have 24 Hours a day 🙂

Ok Tell me the Cost for Digital Marketing in Pakistan.

If your Business is Located in Pakistan or your are exporting your product/services to international Market, This is the time to Jump On.

You see, You can wait until you are broke.

But You should Starting building your Online Properties now.

You should get your business online Now.

This is just the Right Time.

You have to Make the Decision and Invest in your Future.

Ok, Lets Cut it Short.

Google Ads and facebook Ads are Totally Flexible when talking about the Budget for your Business Campaign.

You Decide how much you want to spend and how much you want to get in return.

If you are Small business, You can even Start your digital Marketing journey in just 20,000 Rs or may be less. 

Building a website is just like Printing your Brochure. 

And What Do you do after printing them? Of course, you will distribute them to your area. 

This is what You will do with your website.

Building a nice, Flashy website is simply not Enough.

You need to reach out to your target marketing and Google/Facebook ads are the tools that are easy to use, Understand and attract your target audience.

Let me Know If you Need any help in the comment Section.

Steel Frame Structure Marquee Shed Price Estimate in Pakistan

Pre Fabricated Steel Structures are not only Cost Effective but also they are time saving and easy alternative to Brick and Mortar Construction. You can use them as warehouse, Dairy setup, Sports Courts, Indoor Swimming Pool and Of course Your Own Wedding Hall.

After Previous post on wedding hall business, I’ve got several inquires about steel structure marquees from all over the Pakistan and they asked mostly about the cost. So this post is all about the cost.

There are several options when you are building your own wedding hall or your shed for any other purpose. I’ve seen people who build sheds with the help of there local welder. I’ve seen people who only focus on price when it comes to building marquees and shed but after a thunderstorm and rainy season, they have to pay to fix the structure.

The First Step in building a shed or marquee is having a structural drawing according to your area. The Structural Drawing should tell you all the details about dimensions, Materials quality, Quantities and all the minor details.

Never build Pre Fabricated structures without Drawing because it’s just like building a house without a map. You never know what you going to end up with and how much you are going to spend.

There are many contractors in the market who know little about Pre Fab Marquees and structures, They will give you rough calculations, Vague estimates and poor structure. Always select a contractor who provide you complete details and provide you maintenance services.

Another issue that we come up when building a marquee is insulation and water proofing, which adds up to the cost and many people will not tell you the cost of insulation and waterproofing until your structure is ready. They use it as upsell but in fact, your structure is useless without insulation and waterproofing. Always ask for complete Quote with insulation and Waterproofing.

So lets talk about the price. If you are looking to save costs but need a shed with low maintenance cost, you should expect to pay around 360-400 Rs Per Square Feet. Which means, If you need to cover an area of 60×150 ft (9000sqft) (500 guest capacity for wedding marquee) your total cost for a good structure would be around 35lac-36lac plus Flooring, Structure Base, Air Conditioning.

Of Course there are people in the market who may offer you price as low as 260-290 Rs per Square Feet but We’d Strongly recommend you to stay away from them. you will get a weak structure and you will have to call them again and again to fix it. Also After adding water proofing and insulation, You will end up paying much more then first quoted price.

We are offering complete solution. Please contact us if you need a quote for Prefabricated steel structure, Wedding Marquee or Dairy Shed, Warehouse shed in Pakistan. We assure you that you’ll get best quality and services.



How to Register a Company in Pakistan?

After practical implementation of CPEC project, Pakistan is heading towards a developed state. For becoming a developed country required a documented economy. Therefore, Government of Pakistan took measure’s to register businesses and individuals who deals in trade/business activities.

There are two ways to register your business:

  1. Register a sole-proprietorship
  2. Register a Company

Our emphasis in this article to cover up the main aspects of registering a company in Pakistan. To initiate this process, you have to first reserve your company name. Company name should not be deceptive. Once, the name approved by Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Applicant move to second pace, which is filling of documents. It can be done via online/offline.

The person who is registering a company must have an office address which can be a residential one but Commercial address is more preferable as time of registering sales Tax number or getting membership of chamber required commercial address.

After fill-up the form-1, Form-21 and Form 29. Applicant required to attach MOA and AOA. Once all attachment has been done, you may able to submit your request for registration of a company in Pakistan.

If you need to register a company in Pakistan and looking for help, You may contact us. We have team of professional who can help you in registration and providing all documents to start your business.

Best Retail Point of Sale Software in Pakistan

Point of Sale (POS) Software is very important for every business who wants to provide great service to customers. There are many companies in Pakistan who are offering POS software to retailers in Pakistan.

If you are looking to buy POS Software for your shop, Restaurant or retail Business, You should consider these factors before making a purchase:

POS Software Price:

The average Price for POS Software is 20-30 Thousand for single store. If you need POS Software for Chain or Multi Branch Network, Price would start from 100K up to 500k. Don’t Select the vendor just because of price. Have a Demo from Multiple Vendors and select the best software according to your requirement.

Point of Sale Software Features:

Point of Sale software should be easy to use for your sales team. Don’t pay for the features that you don’t need. When Making decision for POS Software, make a list of features that you are looking for in your software and then compare them with the features that software have. This will help you to make your decisions.

Customer Support:

Always make sure that Software vendor is offering quick customer support because things can go bad and you cant wait for days before your point of sale got fixed. This is not good for your business.


If you need integrate your POS System with other hardware or software, Talk with your vendor if this software can be integrate with that software. Don’t make assumption. Ask them so you don’t have to pay again after couple of month when you realize that this can’t be done.

And Finally:

POS Software plays important role in your business and smooth working of your workplace, So Always ask someone who know about these software. Its better to ask someone because if you make a wrong decision, you have to replace your software which could be time consuming and increase your expense.

Please Feel Free to ask me about your POS Software for your Business. Email me at:

Trademark Registration Process in Pakistan

Protecting your brand is very important in current business world where copycats and opportunist are waiting to copy your brand and use your goodwill to make profit or even take away your years of hard work.

Trademarks are registered by IPO Pakistan and if you are looking to protect your business from pirates and opportunists, You should get a apply for trademark of your brand

Search Trademark

The First Step in getting your trademark for your brand is to see if your brand is available for registration. If available, you submit the application for registration.

Journal Publication

Then IPO Pakistan publish your claimed Trademark in Trademark Journal which is published every month.

Certificate of Registration

If no obligation filled against your brand, your trademark get registered and certificate of registration is issued. Congratulations, you are the owner of your brand and now, if any one use your name or similar to your name, you can send a legal notice.

The Whole Process of Trademark Registration in Pakistan takes 3-6 months.

If you need to register your trademark and looking for reliable agent, Please fill up your details here and I’ll call you back and provide you best and easy registration services. We have a network of Best Trademark Agents who take every case professionally and get your brand secured.

Start Your Own Highly Profitable Wedding Hall Business

Starting your own Wedding hall in Pakistan is very profitable business as there is very little open spaces and grounds or big houses where people can invite guests at wedding.

According to Estimates, Pakistan’s Population Growth rate is very high as compare to other Countries. Current Population is Estimated at 21 Crore and in Next 10 Years, It is estimated to be 30 Crore.

The Best option for having a great wedding day in Pakistan is Wedding Marquees, Where guest have huge space to enjoy in comfortable environment. It’s very cost effective as compare to old wedding halls buildings and installation time is short.

Location of Wedding Marquee

Wedding Marquee business location should be away from main city center as you need a huge space (at least 4-10 kanal). So You should look for land which is affordable and have easy access.

Steel Structure or Aluminum Structure Marquee:

There are two options of marquee available if you want to setup your wedding hall in Pakistan:

1- Either you import a aluminum marquee from china which can be installed in just one day and it can be moved if required. Although It’s very Expensive Solution but If are installing marquee on rented land, this is the way to go.

2: You fabricate your marquee with steel which is installed permanently. There are Several Options in steel structure. You Need to understand the Quality standards of steel to get a better quote. Do Some Homework, It will be Fun.

Marquee Size and Area Required:

Secondly You should know the size for your marquee. Average Number of guest at Baraat or Walima event is 300-400 Guests but it can be as high as 1000 or as low as 200. So You should go for 600-700 number of guest space plus open space for 300 guests.

So for 600-700 number of guests, We need a marquee which is at least 60ftx200ft, The standard formula that we use to calculate the size of marquee is 20sqft per person, So if you planning to install a marquee of 1000 guests, you need at least 20000 ft covered area.

Just to give you an idea, For 500 number of guest capacity marquee, we need 3 kanal of land for marquee plus 1 kanal for parking, kitchen and other facilities.

Price Estimate of Marquee

Steel Structure marquee is much cheaper then imported aluminum structure marquee and steel structure is ideal if you have your own land. In case, if you are installing on a rented land, you should go for aluminum structure which cost you double the cost of steel structure marquee.

The average price for steel structure is 280-350  350-450 Rs per square feet depending on steel gauge, your location and size of your project. I can help you in providing the accurate quotation once you tell me your location, Available Land Size and your budget. Please fill out this form and we’ll call you back.

60x170ft Marquee imported from China will cost you 70-80 lac Rupees. I can help you if you need a quote from china or if you need someone who can handle all the documentation for you. Please fill out this form and we’ll call you back.

Call Us Now for a Quote: 0302 4292 668





Event Management Company in Pakistan

Recently I started a new Business and it’s called Hello Events. The inspiration to start this business was providing complete all in one package to customers who are getting married soon and looking for wedding related vendors.

When you are planning your event, you need at least 6-10 vendors such as florist, Stage Designers, Photographers, Venue, Home Lights, Wedding Cards, Wedding Car Rental and many more and this is what we are trying to solve. We provide one quotation to our customers which include everything. We even book hotels for your guest if they are coming from other city/country.

Hello Events is providing a complete event management services in Islamabad and surrounding areas but we also take events in other cities in Pakistan. We are providing complete package for Wedding events, Birthday events and also corporate events as we have very strong relationship with all the related vendors such as florists, Sound and lights, Photographers and related professionals.

So If you are planning to host your wedding event or need to plan a corporate event in Islamabad, Please feel free to contact us and we’ll give you best rates and quality services.



Document attestation from Kuwait Embassy in Pakistan

Kuwait is a small but oil-rich country surrounded by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and the Persian Gulf. The number of Pakistanis in Kuwait is expected to be around 150,000. They are mainly in labor and some of them have white collar jobs. People who are living in Kuwait along with their families tend to live their long term and need their documents to be attested from here in Pakistan and only then they get validation from the Embassy of Kuwait to live without any hesitation. You have come to the right place. Everyone living there for some time needs their documents to be attested and all the documents including the degrees, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other legal documents are to be authenticated by the embassy. This will make things easier for a person to apply for a job in Kuwait and try to get admission in the educational institutes and moreover it’s easier to work and live in a foreign country if your documents are up to the mark

Here in OLY, we provide all kinds of services regarding the document attestation from the Embassy of Kuwait and other like Ministry of Foreign affairs etc. We have been providing this service for the past ten years and we have become efficient in what we do. We take pride in our work and takes all the worry from our clients to in order to save their time, money, and other opportunity costs which they could have spent elsewhere useful.

Address of Kuwaiti Embassy in Pakistan.

Kuwaiti Consulate General in Karachi

Address: Plot No: ST-19/20, E- Street, Block-4, Clifton, Karachi
Phone: (+92) 21-3536 9230 / 1
Fax: (+92) 21-3587 4710
Consul General: Nasser Redn Al Motairi

Kuwaiti Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan
Address: Diplomatic Enclave II, Street 27, Plot No. 1- 2 & 24, Islamabad


Timings: 09.00-15.00

Phone: (+92) (51) 227 9413 to 5

Fax: (+92) (51) 227 9411

Timings: 09:00-13:00

Therefore, OLY Consultant suggests viewer of this article, to save energy, time and money, contact us +92 321 5943781 or leave your queries in the comment section below.

How to Get Buyers to your New Export Business in Pakistan

Now that you have all the Paperwork and Registration Ready, You need Buyers for your Products. Finding the buyer for your newly established business is a challenging task. One big hurdle in getting clients is trust as buyers are little hesitant to trade with Pakistani Sellers and Exporters due to several reasons.

But If you are doing it all right and pitching your product right, You will get buyers.

Know your Product

The First Step in getting international buyers for your business in knowing your product. You need to know all technical details and specifications, Sizes, material and everything in between.

Data Sheet and Specs

The Second Step is to present these information to your prospective buyers. You will get orders from people who are already dealing with your products so they need to know all about your product before they contact you. Only Picture is Not Enough.

Professional Website

Step Three is building your online identity. It starts with a very professional Website with all the product details and great design and SEO. I’ve seen a lot of Exporters website in Pakistan, they look awesome in design but No product specifications and no search engine optimization at all.

Advertising your Business Online

Step Four is all about Advertising your business to targeted business. You can build a list of your prospective clients and people who visited your website through your ads campaign and focus on those people.

In B2B marketing, Buyers takes time to order and you have to stay in contact with your customers. You have to reach them time to time to discuss there requirement.

If you are not getting targeted traffic to your website, your website will not get leads so you will not get customers.

If you are in Export business and trying to get customers from your website but not getting enough response or looking to launch a new website, I’m available to do this for you within budget.

I assure you that your website will get targeted traffic and leads from targeted buyers. You will get a complete plan of action to manage and maintain your website and online identity.

I’m also available for your staff training to handle your website and online marketing for your business.

Either you can spend 10-15 Lac rupees to participate in a trade show or you can spend less then 30% of the marketing budget on online Marketing and Advertising plan and get international clients. The Choice is yours.

How to start Export Business in Pakistan

So you want to start a business with little experience and capital? Think Again. There are many important things that you need to know before investing your money. You have to make a clear business plan and set your goals. You need to do some market research and find the opportunities.

Starting a business in Pakistan is a challenging task. One thing you need the understand first that Without “Chai Pani” doing business is impossible. You can’t even register your company or get a sales Tax Number without it.

For those who don’t know about me, I’m Ali R. Khan, 25, recently graduated, Trying to establish exporting business in Karachi. I want to share some experience and process of exporting with those of you who are thinking to start export related business.


Ok, You have decided that you want to export something from Pakistan and you are looking for buyers and you got few inquiries and one of them is very serious but you are not sure about Documentation and whole process of exports. What Would you Do? Here is the step by step guide on How to start a business:

1- Register Your Company

You have to register your company for exporting anything from Pakistan. It can a Firm, Private Limited or any other form but main thing is it should be registered and have some membership with related trade organization in your industry. you can do this on yourself or hire a corporate lawyer to do this for you. I suggest that you take the services of corporate lawyer because it’s not an easy task in Pakistan. There is so much paper work.

Useful Links:

SECP For Registration of company in Pakistan

2- Get NTN and Sale Tax Number

You can’t receive Payment and you can’t get Custom clearance if you dont have National Tax Number and Sales Tax Number. Though it seems very complicated to have all these numbers in the beginning of your business but they are mandatory to get your shipment cleared.

FBR Get Sales Tax and NTN online Pakistan

3- Payment Issues

Open a bank account for your newly registered company. Your client may transfer payment to your company account or you may go for L/C payment. Don’t worry if you dont know about L/C because your bank account manager will guide you along the way if you have account in good bank (SC is good).

If you are receiving payment through Bank Transfer, you need E-Form from your bank for the custom clearance and sales tax. That’s why I suggest you that Sales Tax number and NTN numbers are very important.

4- Customs and Shipping

WOW, this part looks very technical but believe me it’s not. you don’t have to meet with any custom guy if your freight forwarder is reliable and experienced. You don’t have to visit port or shipping line if your shipping agent is professional. Choose your partners carefully after a detailed meeting.

So Now, If you are wondering What is “Chi Pani” It’s Local Term for Bribe. There is a famous quote:

” World Moves on Chai Pani”

and yes it’s my own.

See you soon with more topics and Information on Business Start-ups.

For all the Documentation and Consultation about Setting up your Company and Registration, You may Contact us at 0321 5943781

And Never Give up. Never Ever Give up.