How to Get Buyers to your New Export Business in Pakistan

Now that you have all the Paperwork and Registration Ready, You need Buyers for your Products. Finding the buyer for your newly established business is a challenging task. One big hurdle in getting clients is trust as buyers are a little hesitant to trade with Pakistani Sellers and Exporters due to several reasons.

But If you are doing it all right and pitching your product right, You will get buyers.

Know your Product

The First Step in getting international buyers for your business is knowing your product. You need to know all technical details and specifications, Sizes, materials and everything in between.

Data Sheet and Specs

The Second Step is to present these information to your prospective buyers. You will get orders from people who are already dealing with your products so they need to know all about your product before they contact you. Only Picture is Not Enough.

Professional Website

Step Three is building your online identity. It starts with a very professional Website with all the product details and great design and SEO. I've seen a lot of Exporter's websites in Pakistan, they look awesome in design but have No product specifications and no search engine optimization at all.

Advertising your Business Online

Step Four is all about Advertising your business to the targeted business. You can build a list of your prospective clients and people who visited your website through your ads campaign and focus on those people.

In B2B marketing, Buyers take time to order and you have to stay in contact with your customers. You have to reach them from time to time to discuss their requirement.

If you are not getting targeted traffic to your website, your website will not get leads so you will not get customers.

If you are in the Export business and trying to get customers from your website but not getting enough response or looking to launch a new website, I'm available to do this for you within budget.

I assure you that your website will get targeted traffic and leads from targeted buyers. You will get a complete plan of action to manage and maintain your website and online identity.

I'm also available for your staff training to handle your website and online marketing for your business.

Either you can spend 10-15 Lac rupees to participate in a trade show or you can spend less than 30% of the marketing budget on Digital Marketing and Advertising plan and get international clients. The Choice is yours.