Using Digital Marketing to Grow your Business in Pakistan

If you are managing a business and always looking for way to increase your sales, You should focus on Digital Marketing.

I mean if you are selling services or products, or you are doing any business online where you need new customers, You can get what you want with Digital Marketing.

And the most interesting thing is you can measure and see what works and what dont. I am talking about Power of Google ads and Facebook Ads.

You can place an idea to your target audience and grow your business. Yes, You can Plant an idea with Digital marketing, and Yes, you can create Inception.

How to Create Inception and Increase Brand Loyalty with Digital Marketing?

I Strongly believe in Remarketing and Retargeting. If these terms are new to you, This article is for you.

Have you Experienced that sometimes you visit a website and you continue to see the ads of that product on your screen, on Facebook, On Mobile apps and on your laptop? That's the power of Digital Marketing.

You can reach your site visitor on several Platform.

You can create an idea in your potential customer mind.You can pitch your product to your site visitors several time.You can Create Inception with Digital marketing.

If you are managing your Digital marketing ads yourself, You need to learn more about Remarketing tag in Google ads and Facebook Pixel in Facebook Ads.

If you are not using them properly, You are wasting your money.

Because Engaged user give higher click through rate and Conversion.

Where to Start with Digital Marketing?

Start with Your Website. You website Should Be Responsive, That Means it should display just right on Mobile, desktop and Tablet.

It Should have Fast Loading Speed. Just Use Good hosting and small Size images. It Should have Call to Action on all pages so you Direct user to take Action.

It Should Be Search Engine Friendly and Most Importantly human Friendly. It Should have a Great Design, a Color Scheme according to your brand.

Facebook Page and Facebook Ads

Facebook Pages are awesome. Facebook ads are More Awesome. Have you Tied them Yet? Did you Got low Response?

That's Because you were not targeting your product to the Right Audience. Or May be your ads was boring.

Managing your Own Facebook Page Takes a lot of time. Creating Content align to your brand and publishing it with right Description and Tags.

Starting Facebook Ads campaign is Simple. Just a click of a Button.

Getting Results is Tough.

You have to Know your Audience and target them with Right ads.

I have managed and seen many business who totally depend on Facebook Page. They Don't even have a website but they generate good sales.

Because they Know what they are doing and they know there target audience. They Create awesome ads. Google is King of Digital ads.

They offer a great platform to get the most targeted and engaged visitor who are searching for your products. All you have to do it bid for Right keywords with Right ads.

Sounds Simple?

Yes, It's Simple if you are managing Google Ads for last couple of years or more. But It's take time to learn all by your self.

I am a strong believer in Do it Yourself. You can Learn everything and Do it yourself. Only If you are more then 24 Hours in a Day. Unfortunately, Everyone have 24 Hours a day :)

Ok Tell me the Cost of Digital Marketing in Pakistan.

If your Business is Located in Pakistan or you are exporting your product/services to the international Market, This is the time to Start Adverting your Business.

You see, You can wait until you are broke.

But You should Start building your Digital Presence now. You should get your business online Now.

This is just the Right Time. You have to Make the Decision and Invest in your Future.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are Totally Flexible when talking about the Budget for your Business Campaign.

You Decide how much you want to spend, It's Your Investment and It'll Generate a Good Return for you if you are doing it with right audience, right product and right story.

If you are Small business, You can even Start your digital Marketing journey in just Rs 20,000 Or You can Learn to Build your own website.

Building a website is just like Printing your Brochure. 

And What Do you do after printing them? Of course, you will distribute them to your area.  This is what You will do with your website. Building a nice, Flashy website is simply not Enough.

You need to reach out to your target marketing and Google/Facebook ads are the tools that are easy to use, Understand and attract your target audience.

Let me Know If you Need any help in building your digital brand.