Steel Frame Structure Marquee Shed Price Estimate in Pakistan

Steel Frame Structure Marquee Shed Price Estimate in Pakistan

Pre Fabricated Steel Structures are not only Cost Effective but also they are time saving and easy alternative to Brick and Mortar Construction. You can use them as warehouse, Dairy setup, Sports Courts, Indoor Swimming Pool and Of course Your Own Wedding Hall.

After Previous post on wedding hall business, I’ve got several inquires about steel structure marquees from all over the Pakistan and they asked mostly about the cost. So this post is all about the cost.

There are several options when you are building your own wedding hall or your shed for any other purpose. I’ve seen people who build sheds with the help of there local welder. I’ve seen people who only focus on price when it comes to building marquees and shed but after a thunderstorm and rainy season, they have to pay to fix the structure.

The First Step in building a shed or marquee is having a structural drawing according to your area. The Structural Drawing should tell you all the details about dimensions, Materials quality, Quantities and all the minor details.

Never build Pre Fabricated structures without Drawing because it’s just like building a house without a map. You never know what you going to end up with and how much you are going to spend.

There are many contractors in the market who know little about Pre Fab Marquees and structures, They will give you rough calculations, Vague estimates and poor structure. Always select a contractor who provide you complete details and provide you maintenance services.

Another issue that we come up when building a marquee is insulation and water proofing, which adds up to the cost and many people will not tell you the cost of insulation and waterproofing until your structure is ready. They use it as upsell but in fact, your structure is useless without insulation and waterproofing. Always ask for complete Quote with insulation and Waterproofing.

So lets talk about the price. If you are looking to save costs but need a shed with low maintenance cost, you should expect to pay around 360-400 Rs Per Square Feet. Which means, If you need to cover an area of 60×150 ft (9000sqft) (500 guest capacity for wedding marquee) your total cost for a good structure would be around 35lac-36lac plus Flooring, Structure Base, Air Conditioning.

Of Course there are people in the market who may offer you price as low as 260-290 Rs per Square Feet but We’d Strongly recommend you to stay away from them. you will get a weak structure and you will have to call them again and again to fix it. Also After adding water proofing and insulation, You will end up paying much more then first quoted price.

We are offering complete solution. Please contact us if you need a quote for Prefabricated steel structure, Wedding Marquee or Dairy Shed, Warehouse shed in Pakistan. We assure you that you’ll get best quality and services.



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  1. Plzz contact me i wanna to get some help in my new starting of export business in Pak
    My whatsapp 03418001502

  2. I want to know about your fb id or whatsapp num

  3. Please share complete quote of marquee with steel structure, marquee, insulation, waterproofing. Please give some idea for flooring and air-conditioning. Area is 600 sq yes.

  4. I want to construct marquee for 500 capacity, i have read your details, i have some queries which i would want to clear.
    1) what does flooring mean and which type of flooring you would do?
    2) what is the life of this marquee ?
    3) Is marquee cover(Cloth) is also included in your rate?
    4) what is the life of this material?

  5. Dear Mr. Ali,

    I am planning to build a Marque near Basal Kohat Road Distt Attock. Please send me Quotation for Steel Structure Marque Shed for 1000 guests.

  6. aoa sir i m interested to establish a marque for 1000persons in multan plz share your contact no

  7. Will u pl share it contact no I want to discuss my plan about construction of marriage hall

  8. Sir i hve area 65*85.
    I want to construct marque.plz give me some suggestions and support.

  9. I am interested in wedding marque.
    For around 500 people.
    Give me full cost with flooring and decoration. Crockery etc

  10. information about marquee shed

  11. AOA… I want to construct a pre fab shelter for mineral water plant size was 25x60ft please send me the quote or contact so we can meet.

    Sohail Ahmad

  12. I want to build a wedding marquee shed, size will be 90×120 ft. Send me estimate.

  13. Dear sir
    I want to construct the 6m high shed for my factory in lahore . Total area is 13500 sqft. Can you please give me the rate of construction per sqft
    Your fast reply shall be appreciated.

  14. I want to make a warehouse for rent purpose. Please advise what type of building will be good.

  15. Dear,

    I want start marriage hall on our land, so suggest me marquee is better or building.

    also i want to know about the price of full furnished square feet.

  16. Very good information i am interested near gujrat we will make insha allah 1000 people i meed it. I will bi contact later can u sent me more pic decent colors plz.

  17. Dear sir

    I want to make one warehouse at my 54mx100m plot.
    Structure should be 100% water proof and fully ventilated.
    Quote me for it.
    Height should be standard one for warehouse.
    Location :multan

  18. Sir/Madam
    I want to construct the broiler shed on area of almost 1600 square feet. What will be the cost of laying the steel structure. ?

  19. i am interested to set a Marque Business in Pindi-gheb City – District Attock- i own a Land at Main Road , 390ft L x 200Ft W

  20. I want to build a dairy shed of 88×120 of iron/steel …
    would you plz inform me about the cost with and without ground work.
    Plz reply me on 03006098870

  21. productive information

  22. AOA

    I am interested to know further about it.

    Please contact me on 03028489530


  23. I wish to install a marquee for 1000 guests. I want to know the set up cost of it and how much more will i need for finishing.

  24. aoa. I need to construct a marquee in karachi. the land is approx 5 acres. the marquee should have the capacity of 1000 people with the provision of dividing it into two if need arise. the cost to include the construction including water proofing and flooring. thanks

  25. Plz send me your number.i Wana talk to you about steel structure marquee installed in cell no 03449544494.

  26. Please give your company adress and contact number.As you are installing pre fab structure for marriage hall can you tell me total cost for 1000 people setup including A.C. flooring complete cost.

  27. Dear sir,
    I want to build wedding hall in jhelum.the size of building would be around 150 x 100 Ground floor there would be shops on front and warehouse at back.Now I got two questions. Firstly does this type of design would cost me more then normal.secondly does the building roof would be able to hold the weight of gypsum false ceiling.looking forward for your reply.

  28. Interested in constructing a marquee at my personal land.

  29. Hi can u plz give me ur contact num so i can talk with u

  30. Bro m aik joyland bnana chahta ho narowal m us k liye bacho k liye indoor coin rides aur bumper cars k liye hall bnana chahta ho is silsala m ap ki help chahye

  31. i need some info about building event hall in kamalia pakistan
    do u serve that area please let me know
    about 15000 square feet

  32. I am planning to build 9000 sq feet warehouse in Karachi. How much will be the construction cost.

  33. I want make two shed for marquee each 250 person. What will b cost to complete shed

  34. Sir em syed farrukh from sargodha tehsil shahpur (hussain shah)I want to constract a resturant i dont want that typical bricks structure and all that. Can u help me in this regard. My area is 4 kanals full area. My sketch is 1 hall estimated at 1 kanal a biramada and lawns..

  35. I need an Inquiry for a 80 x 100 Marquee!

  36. I need to know about wedding marquee cost and its varities for 500sq area.

  37. We need to build a Marquee Shed (around 1000 Sq ft) to act as sports gymnasium.
    please send us the the possible / recommended designs with quote and erection time by your team.

  38. Aslam u ALIKUM
    I want to build a shed of 800 sq meter for layar form how much does it cost for per sq meter at maxium and minium average.

  39. Can u please let me know about cost of manufacturing as we hvgot place area is 120*140

  40. aslam o alykum
    can you upload any wedding hall model?that your company made in past?

  41. i want an estimate of banquet in steel structure with fabrication we have area around 100 x 150 in karachi and quetta so can u give me idea of cost
    waiting for ur prompt reply

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