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Best Retail Point of Sale Software in Pakistan

Point of Sale (POS) Software is very important for every business who wants to provide great service to customers. There are many companies in Pakistan who are offering POS software to retailers in Pakistan.

If you are looking to buy POS Software for your shop, Restaurant or retail Business, You should consider these factors before making a purchase:

POS Software Price:

The average Price for POS Software is 20-30 Thousand for single store. If you need POS Software for Chain or Multi Branch Network, Price would start from 100K up to 500k. Don't Select the vendor just because of price. Have a Demo from Multiple Vendors and select the best software according to your requirement.

Point of Sale Software Features:

Point of Sale software should be easy to use for your sales team. Don't pay for the features that you don't need. When Making decision for POS Software, make a list of features that you are looking for in your software and then compare them with the features that software have. This will help you to make your decisions.

Customer Support:

Always make sure that Software vendor is offering quick customer support because things can go bad and you cant wait for days before your point of sale got fixed. This is not good for your business.


If you need integrate your POS System with other hardware or software, Talk with your vendor if this software can be integrate with that software. Don't make assumption. Ask them so you don't have to pay again after couple of month when you realize that this can't be done.

And Finally:

POS Software plays important role in your business and smooth working of your workplace, So Always ask someone who know about these software. Its better to ask someone because if you make a wrong decision, you have to replace your software which could be time consuming and increase your expense.

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