How to Register a Company in Pakistan?

After practical implementation of CPEC project, Pakistan is heading towards a developed state. For becoming a developed country required a documented economy. Therefore, Government of Pakistan took measure’s to register businesses and individuals who deals in trade/business activities.

There are two ways to register your business:

  1. Register a sole-proprietorship
  2. Register a Company

Our emphasis in this article to cover up the main aspects of registering a company in Pakistan. To initiate this process, you have to first reserve your company name. Company name should not be deceptive. Once, the name approved by Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Applicant move to second pace, which is filling of documents. It can be done via online/offline.

The person who is registering a company must have an office address which can be a residential one but Commercial address is more preferable as time of registering sales Tax number or getting membership of chamber required commercial address.

After fill-up the form-1, Form-21 and Form 29. Applicant required to attach MOA and AOA. Once all attachment has been done, you may able to submit your request for registration of a company in Pakistan.

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Trademark Registration Process in Pakistan

Protecting your brand is very important in current business world where copycats and opportunist are waiting to copy your brand and use your goodwill to make profit or even take away your years of hard work.

Trademarks are registered by IPO Pakistan and if you are looking to protect your business from pirates and opportunists, You should get a apply for trademark of your brand

Search Trademark

The First Step in getting your trademark for your brand is to see if your brand is available for registration. If available, you submit the application for registration.

Journal Publication

Then IPO Pakistan publish your claimed Trademark in Trademark Journal which is published every month.

Certificate of Registration

If no obligation filled against your brand, your trademark get registered and certificate of registration is issued. Congratulations, you are the owner of your brand and now, if any one use your name or similar to your name, you can send a legal notice.

The Whole Process of Trademark Registration in Pakistan takes 3-6 months.

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